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Work 9 W Washington Street Chagrin Falls Ohio 44022 United States Work Phone: 330.348.9756 Website: GHill ART


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As an artist I refer to my work as the “meaningless randomness of beauty”; It is the goal I set for myself – to create an object of beauty, yet my creative process is founded on meaninglessness and randomness. I write computer code to generate digital variants of my mathematized compositions, inject randomized attributes and then let the computer dance its random dance. This is the kernel of my artistic process: The tension between human intention and random variation, will and luck, meaning and chaos. In a sense the computer is like a wide-eyed child uninhibited by meaningful intentions. It “listens” to the vast array of choices and instructions I give it and delivers a random assemblage of aesthetic phenomena toward my goal. My compositions draw from my studies in philosophy, art and evolution as well as my love of the natural beauty of light. Entitling the finished work is performed by random selection from a dictionary of over 60,000 words and is a reminder of the unpredictable aspects of a process involving such a vast number of permutations. The final work is a single edition giclée print using archival inks on archival canvas, paper or aluminum. Greggory D. Hill is an artist and web developer residing in Chagrin Falls, OH. He received a B.A. in Philosophy from Kenyon College in Gambier, OH in 1991. He is married and has three children.

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9 W Washington Street Chagrin Falls Ohio 44022 United States